Interior Painting with JEI Painting LLC in Colorado

Interior Painting

Nothing can transform the appearance of your home or office quite like a quality paint job. In fact, if your thinking about redecorating, you might want to consider getting a high quality paint job instead.

Who wants to spend money on something that they're not happy with?

When it comes to choosing colors, you'll want to choose ones that complement one another rather than clash. That's why it's important to pick a shade of green that complements the rest of your decor. A bright, bold color such as yellow will draw attention to itself and distract from the overall design scheme. On the other hand, a light, neutral color like white will allow the eye to focus on the artwork without distraction.

You've probably heard plenty of stories about how customers end up getting what they didn't ask for because the person they hired was incompetent. That's why it pays to hire the professionals at JEI Painting in Colorado to handle any kind of home improvement project.

Not only will you save yourself a lot of headaches, you'll end up with a finished product that is guaranteed to last. 

You may be surprised to know that the right professional painting job can cost less than you think.

We are here to help you get back on your schedule and also show you how to make a great investment at the same time; it will simply boost your home or business value. No matter what your needs might be, we have the solution!

Our Services Include:

  • Prep and paint trim and doors
  • Prep and paint all textured drywall, smooth drywall and level 5 drywall.
  • Stain new trim, new doors, cabinets
  • Lacquer job
  • Refinish and repaint cabinets
  • Minor drywall repairs
  • Wallpaper removal
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Interior Painting